The soul of "Costanza Rota" comes from a culture all made of Italian beauties, art, design and craftsmanship that can be found in the combination of leather and care of the details. The design made in Italy, the originality of lines, the attention to materials, the trend research are the soul of the brand.

Italy Worth Knowing

In the era of mass production "Costanza Rota" believe in people and their ideas. Our mission is to find the excellence of contemporary Italian manufacturing and share it with the world.

What we do

We are an online store offering certified, unique Italian products. "Costanza Rota" started with leather goods but in our travels we found so much more.

How we do it

We travel to Italy to search the best it has to offer. We look for new talented people who are still undiscovered. We meet them, connect with them and bring their products directly to our customers by cutting all the unnecessary costs.